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It is time to DARE to DREAM, become an author, and turn your message into a larger and unstoppable platform!
Together we can OPEN DESTINY’S DOOR!


Aspiring Authors, Speakers, and Coaches

Approximately 200 million Americans, that is almost 81%, aspire to

become authors but are unsure of  how to maneuver the craft of writing

and book publishing. This number includes aspiring writers, speakers,

and coaches who are talented, divinely gifted, and eager to get their

unique and amazing gifts into the world. They are all looking, like

yourself, for a strategy to sustain a profitable business and get their

message into the hands of thousands of readers.

That’s where I, Cynthia L. Hatcher, The Literary Midwife can help you. I

walk by your side and assist in the “birthing” of your book. I can help 

from idea to finished publication – you decide. 





The reason most folk never write a book or get it published is simple.
Unless you know how to solve the 2 biggest problems facing those who desire to write a book…you will be like them and never get it done.


Problem#1 – Don’t know how to write a book or where to begin.
Our Solution: Dare to Dream Book Writing Coaching

Learn how to stay on track and avoid the pitfalls of distractions while

establishing effective writing strategies. Not only will you see your

manuscript come alive, you will have a well written product ready for

publication.  FIND OUT MORE  

Problem # 2 – Book is written but who do you trust to publish it.
Our Solution: HATCHBACK Publishing

Searching the internet looking for a publisher is a daunting and difficult

task. You want to write the book and put it in the hands of a publisher

you can reach and have your questions answered. FIND OUT MORE


C. Hatcher Enterprises offers services that will transform your

business and open doors for you to experience new possibilities!

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