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Using my gift as a writer, one of my life’s goals is to publish 60 books by the year 2027. These books offered below are the products of the beginning of that journey. Just click the title to purchase.

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS of her 1st book:
The Abuser’s Daughter from Survival to Victory
10th Year Special Edition

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2005 – The Abuser’s Daughter from Survival to Victory
There was a time in my life I thought all of the things which were happening in my family was normal. Everybody’s family has some sort of secret, right? This story is told through the eyes of the abuser’s daughter.

2006 – Bewitched in the Local Church
Has it gotten so bad you have contemplated not going to church anymore? Are you angry or maybe even depressed about the condition of the church? Do you feel when you go to church it’s like another job? Cynthia is without a doubt willing to speak out and shed light on the things hidden in the dark.

2007 – Choosing to Dream
Are you willing to be a vessel chosen by the Creator? Dreaming is a spiritual journey in which we will face challenges and disappointments. Overcoming them and taking risks will cause us to find our path of choosing to dream. This book is designed to locate the dreamer in you.

2007 – A Man and His Wife
A healthy marriage is wonderful, life-giving and attainable. It requires genuine live and sacrifice. In this quick read book, the Hatchers open the door of their marriage sharing practical discipline and wisdom to deal head on with the issues. Co-Authored with her husband Richard, the Hatchers provide encouragement and supplies rich insight for our most important relationship.

2008 – The Forgivers
Forgiveness is something we all should practice in our daily lives but for some it may seem to hard. “But you don’t know what they did to me!” someone may protest. This fictional book filled with short stories will inspire you to live a greater life of freedom by letting go.

2009 -Fulfilling Your Kingdom Assignment
We are here to occupy the area of influence for which we have been created. No one else can do what you have been created to do. This is the hour to…Fulfill Your Kingdom Assignment.

2010 – Dare to Dream – A 52 Week Journal
Every person has a dream and we are gifted with the ability to fulfill that dream. There is a work we should spend our time, energy, focus, talent and finances on while we live. This book is set as a devotional guide for a 52 week journey. My desire is to touch your heart, inspiring you to fulfill your dream in order to leave hope for the next generation.

2011 – By Faith I Live
Life can present so many ups and downs. Big obstacles, small obstacles, many choices, decisions and opportunities. How do we learn to manage effectively on this spiritual journey? The key of faith can be used to unlock the door of the Secret Place which allows us to live a life of abundance. In this easy to read book, C. Lynn shares the steps she uses to strengthen her faith to abide in the Secret Place of God.

2011 – A Man and His Wife – Through the Storm
Once again, Richard and Cynthia L. Hatcher open the doors of their marriage, encouraging married couples to keep their heads up during the storms of life. Being married is work but it can be good, healthy and strong if both parties are willing to sacrifice for the good of the team.

2011 – Dream It Live It Book Set
This book set, (consisting of 1 book and 1 workbook) is designed to motivate and inspire individuals whether personally or professionally, not only to DREAM IT but to LIVE IT by assisting in building a step by step foundation. This book set can be used by individuals as well as groups.

2012 – Sistah Get Organized
We spend our life through the utensil of time. Wasting our time equals to wasting our lives. If you have been frustrated, if you are ready for things to change, if you are looking for a simple system then this book is for you. This manual will help you build an organized foundation for all the roles you play.

2012- Stepping Into Your Promised Land
It was Moses who led the children of Israel out of Egypt. It was Joshua who led them across the Jordan. When it comes time to cross your personal Jordan you must take the courage to go to the place of your inheritance. This book is written to encourage you to enjoy your journey as you Step Into Your Promised Land.

2012 – You Gotta Let Judas Kiss You
BETRAYAL! It happens.  Sometimes we see it coming. Sometimes we don’t. More than the actual situation, dealing with the aftermath can prove to be difficult. But if you want to be a better person, if you want to be more and more like Jesus then…You Gotta Let Judas Kiss You.

 2013 – The Legacy Collection Volume 1
With a life goal of writing 60 books by the tender age of 65, this is a collection of my first 14 books in one volume.

2013 – Monday Morning Inspirations
For some people Monday Mornings are the worst day and time of the week. For others, Monday Mornings represents a new week and new opportunities. Each Monday Morning Inspiration will motivate you to take the next step on your journey and encourage you to celebrate along the way.

2014 – Help Me! Inspirational and Practical Book Working Tips
If you are looking for some practical book writing tips then this book is designed for you. Help Me! will give you practical strategies and good sense ideas to help you write and finish your book.





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